Mosquito menace on the rise in Kishoreganj

Published : 16 Nov 2022 08:15 PM

Residents of Kishoreganj are suffering from immense infestation of mosquitoes. Indoor and outdoor mosquito infestation. This increases the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. The people concerned said that the fear of dengue is increasing. Meanwhile, even using mosquito nets, coils and magic bats are not getting any benefit due to excess mosquitoes. However, municipal authorities say that drugs have been sprayed to kill mosquitoes. The mosquito control program will start again from next week.

Residents of the municipality complain that the breeding of mosquitoes in the drains of the municipality is increasing. Being filled with dirty water and not cleaning it regularly has increased the mosquito infestation. Along with that, the risk of various mosquito-borne diseases including dengue has increased.

According to the Civil Surgeon's office, the total number of dengue patients in the district from January this year to yesterday Tuesday is 253. Currently 27 people are admitted to the hospital. This number is increasing every day.

According to Kishoreganj municipal sources, the proposed budget for mosquito control in the budget of 2022-23 is Tk 10 lakh. There are seven fogger machines in this municipality. Fogger machines are serviced.

Syed Yachin, a resident of ward number 2 of the municipal area, said that Kishoreganj municipal area is densely populated. The area has not been sprayed with mosquito repellent for many days. You can't stay in the house in mosquito infestation. Along with that, I am afraid of the way dengue disease is increasing.

Palash Mahmud, a resident of Ward No. 1 of the municipal area, said that now he has to endure mosquito bites even during the day. Low-income people and students suffer more. Students are not able to read due to the pain of mosquitoes. Burning mosquito coils is not beneficial. Because, keeping the coil burning causes breathing problems. In such a situation, it is necessary for the municipal authorities to take effective action.

Jasim Uddin Rubel of Ward No. 3 lamented, "Mosquitoes at night, mosquitoes during the day too." I am fed up with mosquito torture. It is not safe to sit anywhere even for a minute.

Asif Adnan, Shahidullah, Manik, Hannan and Kalam, residents of the municipal area, said that they are suffering from mosquito infestation for 24 hours. I did not see any mosquito spraying for a single day.

Nikli Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Sajib Ghosh is a resident of Kharampatti in the municipal area. He said, this year the prevalence of dengue due to the bite of Aedes mosquito is much higher than other years. If you have fever and body pain, do not panic and consult a doctor. Sleep with mosquito nets and keep your yard and surroundings clean. Kishoreganj Municipality Mayor Parvez Mia said, there is an allocation for killing mosquitoes. Every neighborhood in the municipal area will be sprayed with mosquito repellent from next week.