Mosquito menace

Destroy breeding grounds immediately

Published : 22 Feb 2024 10:15 PM

There is no respite from mosquito bite, no matter where we are. We are always at risk of getting infected with mosquito-borne diseases in the capital city of Dhaka. People living in the city continue to blame the city fathers for not doing enough to save them from mosquito-borne diseases, particularly dengue.

Therefore, the mosquito menace is a major issue in Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation as elsewhere in the capital. Despite city corporations’ claim of conducting mosquito control drives regularly, we the city people are not getting relief from the torment of mosquitoes.

With evening setting in, the mosquito menace rises in most areas of the capital. Mosquito population will increase by fourfolds in the capital Dhaka and its adjacent cities and towns as well this month, leaving people in danger, experts forecast.

So, the authorities will have to take immediate mosquito control measures ahead of the rainy season to prevent the spread of various mosquito-borne diseases including dengue. Culex, also known as common house mosquitoes transmit viruses that cause parasitic disease lymphatic, filariasis, tularemia, thalassemia and other diseases.

The mosquito population usually increases during summer and monsoon because of heavy rain accompanied by floodwater. Places with rainwater are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

With evening setting

 in, the mosquito menace 

rises in most areas of the capital

People living in the capital Dhaka and its adjacent cities and towns alleged that the mosquitoes are spreading fast mainly due to the inability of the city corporations to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. In consequence, after the deadly wave of coronavirus, people are now battling yet another big problem — the mosquito menace.

They fear that they may experience an outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases, including Chikungunya, dengue Zika and yellow fever in the coming days. Apart from the culex, the number of Aedes mosquitoes that transmit the deadly dengue virus will also increase in the upcoming monsoon.

Therefore, if the two city corporations do not take immediate measures to bring control of culex mosquito menace within this month, the situation may go out of control. The city dwellers are unable to control the invasion of their homes by mosquitoes with just mosquito nets, spray, coils or electric bats.

It is not only city corporations’ responsibility but also the government, semi-government institutions and citizens will also have to come forward in controlling this menace. Mosquitoes cannot be controlled at all, but they can be brought to a tolerable level.

Special drive with the larviciding and fogging activities is a must right now to eradicate mosquitoes and prevent mosquito-borne diseases specially Chikungunya and dengue.