More institutions to come under MPO

Nepotism must be wiped out from the listing process

Published : 12 Jun 2022 07:46 PM

Education Minister Dipu Moni on Friday said the government would publish a list of educational institutions within a week for bringing them under the government’s pay order.

MPO (Monthly Pay Order)is the government’s share in the payroll of the non-government educational institutions. Under the scheme, the government gives 100 percent of the basic salaries to the teachers of non-government schools. The teachers and employees also get a lump sum amount as other allowances under the MPO scheme. According to the rules, the educational institutions first come under MPO scheme and then the government include the teachers in the payroll

There should not be any nepotism, regional 

discrimination and political influence in 

the process of MPO enlistment

It is worth mentioning that MPO policy had remained suspended for six years during the tenure of the then BNP-led alliance government. In 2010, the Awami League-led government reintegrated the MPO facility enlisting 1,624 private secondary and higher secondary schools and colleges in the MPO scheme. 

Teachers play a direct role in shaping the country's future. But the remuneration that they are offered is low. Therefore, we must ensure that those who play such a vital role in building the country's future get attractive remuneration which will not only improve their quality of life and livelihood but also encourage brighter minds to take teaching as their profession. We urge the government to recognise education as the building blocks of the country's sustainable development and invest accordingly. We hope that the government's move to bring more 4,000 educational institutions under the purview of the MPO facility will improve the quality of life and livelihood of teachers and make them able to concentrate more on imparting  quality education.

Though inclusion of MPO depends on development of the infrastructure and the number of students and results, using political influence, institutions of lower standard have been enrolled in the MPO list while better ones have been left out. 

Earlier, for several times, we have witnessed gross irregularities regarding the inclusion of MPO of the non government educational institutions. Educational institutions were allegedly enlisted in the MPO due to political influence rather than qualification. This should not be repeated. There should not be any nepotism, regional discrimination and political influence in the process of MPO enlistment.