More buyers, sellers seen in cattle market than online in Narail

Published : 23 Jul 2020 10:21 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:35 AM

A total of 29,532 cows and goats have been prepared for sacrifice in Eid-ul-Azha of three upazilas in Narail. Local farmers have reared these cows and goats for selling on the occasion of the upcoming Eid. 

The sale of sacrificial animals has already started in eight haats of three upazilas in the district. Meanwhile, a mobile app and website called 'Narail Korbanir Hat' has also been launched considering the health risks due to the Corona crisis. 

However, buyers and sellers are going to be noticed more in the market than online shopping. Such images have been seen in various cattle Markets including Naksi-Madrasa, Maizpara in Sadar upazila,Digholia, Lohagora and Kalia's Pahardanga.

Buyers and sellers said, they wer not comfortable selling and purchasing cows and goats on online and website . Because, in this method, various issues including size, shape and health issue cannot be seen with the eye witness. 

The feeling of buying a sacrificial animal by watching it directly is essential, buyers said. However, some people are leaning towards online considering the health risks of corona virus.  District administration and Livestock office sources said, 29,532 cows and goats have been prepared for sale at the Korbani market in Narail this year. Of these, 18,801 are cows and 10,731 are goats. A mobile app and website called 'Narail Korbanir Hat' has been launched on the afternoon of July 10 to buy animals from home due to the Corona crisis along with the market. 

The crowd of buyers and sellers is going to be noticed more in the markets. This year, the demand for cows worth 40 to 60 thousand taka is higher in the haats. In this case, the demand for goats is between seven to ten thousand taka. Hat leaseholders including buyers and sellers hope that 

the Hat of Korbani will be crowded in the moments before Eid. 

District Livestock Officer Dr Maruf Hasan said, a total of 29,532 cows and goats have been prepared against the demand of 24,500 animals  this year in this district. Veterinary medical teams are seen to check the health of the animals in the markets. The buyers and sellers are following the hygiene rules during the corona period, he said.

Deputy Commissioner Anjuman Ara said everyone is being encouraged to buy the sacrificial animal through the mobile app and website at the moment of disaster in Corona. There is strict surveillance so that no one is deceived, she said.