Momtaz’s new playback song for ‘Japito Jibon’

Published : 27 Sep 2023 09:33 PM

Popular singer Momtaz Begum has lent her melodious voice to a new playback song titled ‘Nosib Jetha Niye Chole,’ written by Asif Iqbal and composed by Pintu Ghosh.

This marks a special moment as Momtaz Begum has contributed her charming vocals to a song featured in the movie adaptation of Selina Hossain's novel titled ‘Japito Jibon,’ directed by Habibul Islam Habib.

The recording of this soulful rendition took place at Pintu Ghosh's private studio in the capital on Sunday. Alongside the film director, popular actress Ashna Habib Bhabna, who plays a lead role in the film, and versatile filmmaker, actor, director, and writer Animesh Aich, were present during the recording session.

Momtaz was deeply captivated by the song's lyrics and melody, which inspired her to infuse it with profound emotion. Expressing her enthusiasm, Momtaz said, "I always love singing playback songs in movies, but singing for 'Japito Jibon,' directed by Habib Bhai (Habibul Islam Habib), is particularly special. The lyrics and melodies of the song are so delightful that they've touched my heart. Pintu Ghosh has composed such incredible tunes and arranged the music so beautifully that I am at a loss for words."

"I have poured my emotions into singing this song, and I am eagerly looking forward to how the audience will receive it. After each song I sing, I can't help but imagine how it will resonate with the listeners. I have high hopes for this one," she further added.

Director Habib expressed his gratitude, saying, "When Momtaz Apa (Momtaz Begum) lent her voice to the song, it took on a whole new dimension. I am sincerely thankful to her."

Ashna Habib Bhabna said, "Having a song by such a celebrated artiste in a movie elevates its overall beauty. She has sung in such a magnificent way that words can hardly do justice to it."

Meanwhile, Momtaz performed in a live concert in Santhia, Pabna on Monday, further showcasing her immense talent and popularity.