Momotaz’s live show on Eid eve

For the past several years, the Baul queen and Member of Parliament of Bangladesh Momotaz Begom has been peforming live on a satellite channel on the night before Eid. Momotaz did not shy away from performing live music even in the current situation of coronavirus in Bangladesh. 

She has confirmed that she will perform music directly from the studio on the screen of Banglavision after Iftar on the eve of this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr. This time the live episode has been named ‘Haate Loye Premer Putul’. 

Speaking on this, Momotaz Begom said, “During this period of coronavirus, I have had the opportunity to listen to many songs from old albums. Honestly, those songs never got a chance to be performed live on any show or stage show. 

I will sing some songs  out of those in this year’s show. There will also be spiritual songs and sentimental songs. Banglavision’s plan to broadcast live is welcomed. 

Following the popularity of this show hosted by them, several channels have offered me to perform. But I have respectfully passed on the offer because I have had a wonderful combination with Banglavision because of this show. 

They try to make the event a success by giving me freedom. Moreover, this show is now a very popular show. Throughout the year, on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, audiences are waiting to see the show.”

Momotaz said her mother, Ujala Begom, was staying at her village home in Manikganj. There she will go with her children to celebrate Eid on the morning of Eid. 

In this critical time of coronavirus, Momotaz has stood by the helpless and common people of the society with the help of her own hands. 

She also said that on May 20, she extended her hand of cooperation to the drivers of different types of vehicles in her parliamentary constituency. Yesterday, she also distributed Eid gifts among her party leaders and workers.