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Momo coming as freedom fighter

Published : 16 Oct 2021 08:33 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 10:38 AM

National Film Award winning Dhallywood actress Zakia Bari Mamo acted in different stories and played many different characters before, but did not work on the liberation war story. She is returning to the film titled 'Ora Shatjon' as a freedom fighter. Directed by producer Khijir Hayat Khan, the film is being made with seven heroic freedom fighters of the country.

Regarding the context the actress said, ‘This is first time I am acting in a film about liberation war story. The story is awesome and I am returning to the film as a freedom fighter and I will try my best to make the character flourish.'

 Despite being seen regularly in dramas and films, the actress was on break for some time. As for the reason for the break, she added, 'I did not take a break for any special reason. This was a temporary break to give myself some time and thought I would have to stay away from work for a while for it. However, I have enjoyed this time very much. I was drowning in the middle of the book all the time. You can say, I was in a different world.'

Meanwhile, Momo has already gained a lot of praise by presenting herself in different roles in each film. Although her latest released film tiled ‘Sphulingo’ was not a commercial success, her performance has captivated the audience. She wants to keep that continuity in the new film as well. 

Along with Momo, Intekhab Dinar will be seen as Dr Saad as one of the seven freedom fighters.  Khijir Hayat Khan as Major Lutfar, Safi as Sub Inspector Saif, Shahriar Ferdous Sajeeb as Sergeant Muktadir, Imtiaz Barshan as Solaiman Kazi, Nafiz Ahmed as Sumit and Nazrul Sinit as Nazrul. Meanwhile, the shooting of the film has started in the vicinity of Jaintia in Sylhet.

In this context, producer Khijir Hayat Khan said, 'As a citizen, I have always had a duty towards the country and the people of the country. As a creator, I think a document of the liberation war should be left for the next generation, which will inspire patriotism in the next generation to know the exact history of the liberation war. Undoubtedly, Momo is a very good actress and I believe her performance in this film will also impress the audience.

Besides drama and movies, she is also working on a web series. Momo starrer Ashfaque Nipun’s web series titled ‘Mohanagar’ has been highly praised in two Bengalis.

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