Mominul regrets missing Test at home

Bangladesh Test skipper Mominul Haque said that he is disappointed to lose the opportunity of playing so many Test matches at home due to coronavirus pandemic, reports Cricfrenzy.

Bangladesh received a double blow in a week as the two-match Test series against New Zealand in August looks to be in doubt following uncertainty over home series against Australia.

New Zealand Cricket conceded upcoming tours to Europe and the West Indies were unlikely to proceed Friday, with doubts also hanging over a planned visit to Bangladesh. Bangladesh were scheduled to play two Tests against New Zealand in August at home that was part of ICC Test Championship fixture.

New Zealand Cricket raised their doubts within 72 hours after Australian Test skipper Tim Paine said that someone doesn’t have to Einstein to understand that their two-match Test series against Bangladesh that is also part of the ICC Test Championship can be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the whole world.

“From that point (not being able to play Test match) this is really disappointing as we had so many Test matches at home and our record is better at home in comparison to at foreign turf,” said Mominul on Friday.

“So from that point this is definitely like lost opportunities but we also have to understand that saving our lives is more important than playing cricket,” he said.

“When the situation improves, board may sort things out but now we need to give priority to the situation prevailing in the whole world. First let everything get to normal and then everything will be fine,” he said.

Though Bangladesh Cricket Board officials are yet to speak with their counterparts in Cricket Australia or New Zealand Cricket to take any decision regarding the upcoming home series against them but as it stands chances look very slim for the series to commence as per schedule considering the way everything stands in the present world which is passing through one of the biggest crisis since World War 2.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, cricket is at a halt across the world and Bangladesh is no exception with BCB deciding to postpone all their cricketing activities until further notice. Mominul believes that as it is part of Test championship there is a chance these Test will be played sometime in future.

“Because this is a part of Test Championship, so there’s some chances. They will have to play. If it’s not this year, then maybe it will be next year. Because this is part of ICC Test Championship, they will have to play. If they don’t play then it will not be good for them and also for us,” said Mominul.

Australian skipper Tim Paine also echoed a similar sentiment when he said that they are ready to play cricket for five weeks after the rescheduling is done. As for Bangladesh, Paine said that time was running short for the series to be able to be played as scheduled, leaving administrators to weigh up what to do next.

“At this stage I think you don’t have to be Einstein to realise it’s probably unlikely to go ahead, particularly in June,” Paine said. “Whether it’s cancelled completely or it’s pushed back, we’re not quite sure at the moment, but it’s a couple of Test matches and if at the end of the day we have to miss them, then so be it,” he said.

“I think whether some series have been cancelled, whether one’s going forward, or we are going to postpone them (we have to wait and see) And maybe players are going to go through a period where we play five weeks’ cricket (at a stretch) if we can to complete the Test championship,” he said.

“I think the players are certainly enjoying that points system and the fact that every Test match counts for something and you are playing towards a premiership if you like. I think all players will be in favour of trying to finish that in any way we can. But again if it doesn’t happen as I said there are bigger issues in the world and missing a few Test matches isn’t going to hurt us,” Paine concluded.

Bangladesh has confirmed eight deaths and 70 infected cases from Covid-19 which includes nine additions to the list in the last 24 hours while 30 patients have recovered from the novel coronavirus so far.