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Mohi elected new BFF vice-president

Published : 31 Oct 2020 07:55 PM

Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohi beats Tabith M Awaal to be elected as the fourth vice-president of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) during a re-election at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel on Saturday.

Mohi, running from the Integrated Panel, secured 67 votes against 63 secured by Tabith, an independent candidate. Tabith Awaal lost by just a mere margin of four votes.

Mohiuddin Ahmed is the former joint general secretary of the central committee of the Bangladesh Awami Jubo League and director in charge of the Brothers Union. 

Tabith Awaal on the other hand was the candidate of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in the last two elections of Dhaka North City Corporation. 

As a result, this election was widely seen as a political battle between the Awami League and the BNP. However, after the election, Mohiuddin Ahmed said, “How did Tabith Awaal got so many votes if the election was politically motivated?  

Tabith was not supposed to get so many votes if the election was politically motivated.” 

However, many believe that since Mohiuddin is a former Jubo League leader, his supporters thought this election was a fight for dignity. And they made every effort to win. The election of BFF has now finally ended.

On October 3, initial BFF elections took place for 21 posts. Despite the decision on 20 posts, Mohi and Tabith were tied for fourth spot with 65 votes each. 

As a result, BFF President Kazi Salahuddin decided for re-election between the two. 

That vote took place yesterday. Out of 139 voters, 130 have casted their votes.  Both candidates were vice-presidents of BFF's outgoing committee. Tabith was elected vice-president for two consecutive terms. He served as co-chairman of the national team’s committee. 

He was Salahuddin’s trusted ally. On the other hand, Mohiuddin Ahmed emerged as the leader of the opposition council a few days ago. He complained more than once that there have been many irregularities in BFF in the last four years. 

He even brought allegations of irregularities worth Tk 18 crore in BFF. 

Mohiuddin, vice-president of the last committee, and Badal Roy, vice-president of another committee, took a stand against Salahuddin. 

They called for a change in the leadership of the football federation. However, Salahuddin has been elected again from the council.

 Only Mohiuddin was elected vice-president from the opposition council.