Moheshpur farmer sets unique example of cow caring business

Published : 18 Feb 2020 09:00 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 08:26 AM

Moheshpur farmer named Alauddin, son of Rabiul Islam of Bhairaba village in Banshbaria union of Moheshpur, has set up an example establishing daycare centre for the cattle heads.  The activities have been reducing the living costs of the cattle head owners as well as saving their time for the nursing of the animals in the bordering area. Some others also establishing this sort of day care centres in their respective villages.

Farmer Abdur Rashid and other of Moheshpur village said they had to spend Taka 45 to 50 a day for fodder purposes every day. Further, they had to spend time in the grazing fields. Now he pays Taka 15 for each of the cows including fodder and caring.

Alauddin said he was feeling encouraged when the owners of the cattle heads had requested him to treat the cow caring business as a profession. Considering a handsome cash income in the locality, he started the caring about 10 years back. 

Now he cares about 90 cattle heads in the villages. He along with two other children collects the cows from the houses of the farmers and return then in the evening after feeding them in the fields in the village. He charges Taka 15 for each of the cow a day. Usually he earns Taka 1,200 a day from where an amount is paid between two minor boys Taufiq and Tufan. Taufiq studies in a local BRAC school and manages his expenses working in the grazing fields during leisure time.

Talking to Taufiq, he said he loves education and continue the same with interest. He will continue the education to make him a god citizen in near future. He wants to prove a man can stand by his own feet working at any place and position.

Local union parishad member Shahjahan Ali when contacted said the profession of Alauddin was a noble profession as he has been contributing to agriculture and saving the money and time of the farmers in the area. This sort of initiatives at other places with help expand the cattle heads and contribute a lot to agriculture.

Contacted upazila agriculture officer in Moheshpu Hasan Ali when contacted said the activities of cow day care farm of Alauddin is an excellent work contributing to agriculture and helping strengthen socio-economic base of the farmers in the bordering area.