Mohammadpur Krishi Market blaze

Measures should be devised to prevent recurrence of such incidents

Published : 14 Sep 2023 06:49 PM

The terrible inferno that broke out at the Mohammadpur Krishi Market in the city in the early hours of Thursday again raised questions about emergency services and safety measures. The fire burnt over 500 shops in the Krishi Market into ashes, raging six hours (from 3.30am to 9:00am) on Thursday.

The fire destroyed all types of goods and products stored in the shops including 18 jewelry shops. Hundreds of crores worth of valuables, gold ornaments, goods, products and cash money are now just ashes. Several hundred traders at Dhaka’s Mohammadpur Krishi Market are lamenting losing goods worth several crores of taka in the massive fire.

Thursday was the weekly holiday for the market and all traders went to their respective homes closing their shops at night. After learning about the fire early Thursday, the traders started thronging the market — only to see their shops and goods burn. Indeed it is a horrific incident and has been terrifying for many families. There was no fire safety in the Mohammadpur Krishi Market, Director of Fire Service and Civil Defense (Operation and Maintenance) said. Besides, the fire fighters had to struggle to bring the fire under control due to gathering of huge people and footpath shops.

Earlier Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had issued a set of directives to check fire incidents. The authorities concerned were ordered to inspect the fire safety arrangements of the markets, high-rise buildings and other establishments 

The authorities concerned 

must investigate the fire 

incident at Mohammadpur

 Krishi Market immediately

Most of the buildings, offices, courts, schools, colleges, universities, institutions, shopping malls, recreation centers, cinema halls, industries and all structures still remain out of the fire fighting and extinguishing systems. But the authorities concerned responsible for ensuring fire extinguishing system in every structure, have not taken any effective initiative to this end yet.

The architect, engineer, project director or officials concerned and owner will have to keep having fire fighting and extinguishing system in their mind for safety and security of the structures. 

Besides, they will also have to keep options for firefighting such as spaces of vehicle movement, availability of water etc while they develop any design alongside having source of water, rainwater harvesting system and water body while establishing any housing estate.

When such a terrible fire or any other deadly accident occurs, administrations come up with various measures and promise that they would do everything in the future to avert any accident.  But the authorities do not fulfill their commitments and remain as silent spectators.

As they are not paying attention to this serious issue, such devastations are increasing day by day. All concerned must stay alert against recurrence of such devastating fire incident anywhere in the country. 

The authorities concerned must investigate the fire incident at Mohammadpur Krishi Market immediately.