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Mohajote protest ‘plot against Hindu law’

Published : 17 Sep 2021 11:43 PM

Leaders and activists of Bangladesh Jatio Hindu Mohajote have burnt the effigies of Shaheen Anam and her husband Mahfuz Anam. At that time, the protesters chanted slogans demanding to bring the two under the law. The protest took place at Sutrapur in the capital on Friday morning.

Earlier, the inauguration ceremony and short rally of Bangladesh Hindu Jubo Mohajote was held at Zaheer Raihan Cultural Auditorium. The chief guest of the function, Syed Abu Hossain Babla, Member of Parliament for Dhaka-4 constituency, said Bangladesh believes in non-communal spirit. However, some insidious communities are always trying to tarnish the image of the government by attacking the Hindu community.

He added that the law in a Hindu family is their own personal matter. Government actions will include their insight. But no community, powered by foreign money, can change family laws. The government will discuss this with the Hindus. Hence, no one can embarrass the government with conspiracies.

Vijay Kumar Bhattacharya, chief coordinator of the Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, said Hindus were once persecuted in different parts of the country but did not have the courage to protest. Due to the present grand alliance government, Hindus have been able to take to the streets to protest the persecution.

At present, an NGO called Foundation for Individuals and People has demanded the reform of Hindu family law, he said, adding that they are demanding change in the religious law. Through this demand they are trying to create internal strife within the Hindu community.

DK Samir, head of the search committee of the grand alliance, said Hindus are the vote bank of the Awami League. Jatiya Party founder Hussain Mohammad Ershad also believed in Hindus. But now an insidious group is trying to destroy that vote bank of Awami League.

Nakul Kumar Chandra, general secretary of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Front said, “Hindus are satisfied with the existing laws in Hindu society. However, Mahfuz Anam and Shaheen Anam are trying to change that law. They are not trying to not benefit the Hindus but discredit the government. The foundation is working with the intention of making the Hindus confront the government. 

He called upon to resist them and urged to raise this issue in the Parliament.

Jatiya Party Vice Chairman Salma Hossain said to the people of Hindu community “Bangladesh is our country, everyone has equal rights here. Your problems will be informed to the chairman GM Quader. 

The newly elected president of the Bangladesh Jatio Hindu Jubo Mohajote Shri Pradeep Shankar said conspirators against the Hindu community would be dealt with a stern hand.

Nirmal Tagore, one of the founders of the Mohajote and a saint of Harichand Tagore said that in order to change the Hindu family law the government would have to sit down with all Hindu organizations and take a decision. 

In order to prevent this law from being passed, the speakers warned to go for movements and hunger strike in the streets if necessary.

Secretary General of the Bangladesh Jatio Hindu Jubo Mohajote Govinda Chandra Pramanik said that today a miscreant community tried to stop the event. “In addition, several groups are trying to destroy the Hindus. Manusher Jonno Foundation is one of them. They are trying to change the Hindu family law to poison the Hindu society towards the government in the last days of the government.

He warned Shaheen Anam that if they tried to ignite a fire in the Hindu community and family, the NGO of Manusher Jonno Foundation would be set on fire. They have been repeatedly asked to apologize but they have not apologized. Therefore, various programs will be conducted continuously against them.