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Moderate cyber alert issued

Published : 29 Oct 2021 10:38 PM | Updated : 02 Nov 2021 11:04 AM

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit, under the e-GOV CIRT has issued a moderate level of cyber alert. 

The organization concerned fears cyber-attacks in various government, military and financial institutions of the country.

The organization has advised the concerned institutions to squarely deal with this potential case and remove the virus.  

This information has been obtained from a report of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit under the e- Government CIRT of the Government.

It said the new type of malware virus is now on the websites and e-mails of various government agencies, military sector organizations, banks, financial sector and various service sector organizations. It collects information from those organizations and sends it to virus senders.

In this context, the project director of the e-government CIRT Tareq M Barkatullah said, “This time the virus is an exception. It is constantly collecting information and sending it.”

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This time the virus has come back and it is gathering information from the same place. If it is chased away, it is moving away temporarily, but not going permanently.

According to the report, this time the type of virus is Advanced Persistence Threat (APT), i.e. it is collecting information at a constant pace through espionage and sending it to the sender. It is very much an associate of Tnega Malware. It collects information on important installations through espionage.

The cycle is building a database by collecting information including e-mail, username, and password.

Later they use them to carry out cyber-attacks or collect money through blackmail.

The report revealed that the Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit was recently monitoring the suspicious activities of an unknown APT group. They identified it on Tuesday and issued a warning Wednesday night. They have been monitoring it since the middle of this year.

From the initial observation until Wednesday, its main target was important institutions of the country- such as national institutions, military, scientific research institutes, banks and financial institutions. It has been sent to Bangladesh and Pakistan for cyber-attacks.

In order to prevent the cyber-attack, the report said, the web pages of respective organizations should be technologically updated, and not to click on any unfamiliar mails, web pages or messages, carefully communicating through online, maintain confidentiality of passwords and usernames if there is any possibility of hack for any reason.

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