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Mobile phone forgery goes on freely

Published : 26 Oct 2019 09:12 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 03:16 AM

With people already disgusted with fraudulent acts using mobile phones, they are now faced with a new type of fraud called 'spoofing', a software which is used by criminals to duplicate the mobile number of any person.

The new type of fraud has been detected by law enforcers who have termed it 'spoofing'.

The person whose mobile phone is spoofed, he or she will not be able to comprehend in any way the real person, or someone else doing 'spoofing'.

Sarwar Iqbal, a top official of a telecommunication company (Content and Security) said, “Cheating by 'spoofing' from across the country is difficult. Anyone from outside the country can do this.” 

“Many people mistakenly call it 'cloning'. In fact, to 'clone' all the information in the SIM is stolen. A calling software is used from abroad to cheat people. Earlier, it has been discussed with the BTRC,” he added.

He further mentioned that, it is known worldwide as Fun Software. But in Bangladesh this software is being used for various types of fraud, and money laundering. In the past few years, several such incidents have come to light.

Information Technology (IT) expert Rashidul Huda Ratul  underscored that, “We have to remain aware of these criminals. After receiving call, concerned receiver should call back on that number to detect his identity. Most of the time numbers are  switched off.”

“The 'spoofing' number is also used for tender work. Although, criminals have been caught many times, don’t go for any kind of monetary transaction based on just a call”, he suggested.

Fraudsters are using this software for 'spoofing' the mobile numbers of ministers, MPs, secretaries, prime minister's office, top officials of the state including the police chief, and duplicating the same number to resort to different kinds of extortion, transfer, tender and fraud.

Technology experts say such incidents are a major threat to the state and security.

An official of Crime Investigation Department (CID) said, “The technology used to commit such fraud is known as spoofing. This is basically a fun (fun software) technology. It is commonly used all over the world for just making fun with friends or loved ones. But in Bangladesh, the fraudsters are using it as a tool of deception.”

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar said, “The software is being used all over the world for fun. It's available on the Google Play Store. We have no measures to prevent it at this time. Some criminals are doing this. It is the law enforcers who have to play a strong role in this regard. Yet the BTRC is trying to do if anything can be done about it. ”

An officer of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Cyber Crime Unit said that such an unusual phone receiver should remain normal without interruption. Then call the number again to verify the matter. Or cut the call and call back, he added.

He said that such matter should be reported to the police immediately,  GD can also be done if needed.

AFM Al Kibria, Deputy Commissioner of the Cyber Crime Unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, said, "We are also facing allegations that the mail ID is being duplicated precisely. We are working on the whole thing. Efforts are on to solve this problem”. 

Recently, a secretary's number 'spoofing' has been done to a railway official in Chattogram. Ministers, MPs and secretaries are embarrassed by this. Many have even sent letters seeking for remedial measures..

According to police sources, while investigating the allegations of an MP, they found that a fraudulent ring of 10 was committing such fraud across the country. Police have also identified the mobile banking account numbers that were used to taking money. So far, about 300 BKash accounts have been identified, through which the money has been raised, they said.