Mobile land service resolving complexities at Hossainpur

Published : 10 Nov 2020 08:02 PM | Updated : 13 Nov 2020 02:39 PM

Md Wahiduzzaman, Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Hossainpur Upazila in Kishoreganj has taken an exceptional initiative to make land services accessible to the people.

He is roaming in the remote areas of the upazila with full office two days a week in 6 unions and 1 municipality of the upazila under the programme of 'mobile land service'. 

In a word, Hossainpur Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Md. Wahiduzzaman is providing land services moving from house to house. 

Such an exceptional initiative of a high-ranking government official has already aroused a huge response among the people making Md. Wahiduzzaman a favorite face among them. 

Visiting the areas, it was seen that as a result of the initiative people are getting land service at home. The service recipients are able to take land services directly without falling into the clutches of brokers.

Any land related issues including E-Namjari application, Namjari (rejection), hearing, approved Namjari (DCR) and ledger collection, payment of land development tax (rent) are being immediately resolved under the mobile land service programme.

The mobile land service initiative has already generated a lot of interest among the people. Beneficiaries who came to get the service said, we used to walk around the verandah of the office to get land service and had to spend several times more than the fee fixed by the government to get land services earlier.

Now the land office is coming to people's doorstep. This saves both our time and money. We no longer have to fall into the clutches of brokers. I will be able to reject the land next to my house and pay rent, they added.

Hossainpur Upazila AC (Land) Md. Wahiduzzaman said the mobile land service has been introduced as part of resolving long-standing land issues and facilitating land services to reach the doorsteps of the people and keep the common man from falling prey to middlemen.

In this way, the service recipient will be able to take the desired service from his own area in a short amount of time, without any harassment.