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Mithila to act opposite Razz in ‘Kajol Rekha’

Published : 01 Mar 2022 09:44 PM

Dhallywood popular actress and singer Rafiath Rashid Mithila to act opposite Sariful Razz in their upcoming film titled ‘Kajol Rekha’, directed by film ‘Monpura’ famed director Giasuddin Selim. 

Finally the work of ‘Kajol Rekha’ is going to start.  The film has already received a government grant in the 2019-20 financial years. On Monday February 28, the names of the actors of the movie have been announced in a press release.

Actress Mithila signed the contract of the film ‘Kajol Rekha’ on Monday February 28 and the ‘Networker Baire’ actor has once again joined Selim in his film. Earlier he has done film ‘Gunin’ with one of the popular actress of Dhallywood Pori Moni and got married too.

There will be a new surprise as well a new actress Mandira Chakraborty will make her debut on the silver screen through this film. Mandira was runner-up in the 'Channel I Best Dance' competition in 2012, later she did some work on TV. It is learnt that the film 'Kajal Rekha' will be based on the folklore of about four hundred years ago. So the actors have to prepare extensively accordingly. 

Regarding the context Mithila said, 'This is a fairy tale character and feels like a fantasy. Again, the story will run in harmony with the tradition of our rural Bengal. When I went to prepare, I saw that it was a very funny character.'

Sariful Razz has signed a contract for this movie a few days ago. The young actor said, 'This is a character from a story 400 years ago. So there are many more challenges in the character. But while reading the screenplay, I am getting the fun of that fairy tale of ‘Kajol Rekha’. There will be an adventure at work. Since this is the work of Selim Bhai. Something good will happen.' 'Kajol Rekha' is the dream project of Giasuddin Selim. He wrote the screenplay for the movie 'Monpura' after its release in 2009. But he could not start the work even after trying various ways. That dream is finally coming true. The film will be shot at Durgapur in Netrokona, Haor in Sylhet and Bay of Bengal.