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Mithila’s second book at Ekushey book fair

Published : 05 Mar 2022 08:08 PM

Dhallywood popular actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila published her second adventure storybook titled 'Africay Singher Khoje' at the Shishu Chattar at Ekushey Book Fair on Saturday March 5.  Mithila and her daughter Ayra were present at the ceremony.

Mithila has been working as the head of Early Child Development Programme at BRAC International. As a part of her job, she has to travel to different countries across the world and to spend a lot of time with children.

Her daughter Ayra has been her travel companion for years. Mithila's books take inspiration from the travelling exploits of the mother-daughter duo. Earlier, the actress published her first book titled ‘Ayra aar Maaer Obhijaan’ the book showcased the strong bond between the mother and the daughter.

Regarding her second book the actress said, ‘When we travelled to Africa's different countries, Ayra and I were very curious to find Lions and we have fun stories to share related to that. The story shares not only our adventures but also the bonding experiences I shared with my daughter’.

She further added, ‘I wrote this book not only to keep the beautiful memories I shared with my daughter alive but also because there is a lack of quality children's books in Bangla. Specifically for the children in the 3-8 years age group. That's why I wanted to write a quality Bangla book both for the children and their parents’.

The book is published by 'Goofi', an initiative of the publication house, Light of Hope. The illustrations were done by another BRAC employee, Mohimenul Rakib.