Misuse of govt incentives meant for farmers

Take stern action against the corrupt syndicates

Published : 24 Apr 2022 09:00 PM

The government is currently distributing fertiliser and high yielding seed among the small and marginal farmers free of cost as incentives for boosting Aush paddy production. But, a section of unscrupulous staffs of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), public representatives like councillors and chairmen of union parishad and dealers allegedly excluding the names of real farmers, included the people who are not farmers or they have no lands for paddy farming in the incentive list in Trishal of Mymensingh district.

The landless people, who are getting fertiliser and high yielding seed, are the relatives of corrupt staffs, public representatives and dealers. Those people are selling fertiliser and seed to the dealers at a very cheap price. Later they are giving the half amount of the sold money to the corrupt staffs and public representatives.

Trishal upazila agriculture officer seized 30 sacks of fertilisers from fertiliser dealer Anisuzzaman. Like Anisuzzaman, the most dealers then sell fertiliser to small traders. But relevent authorities did not take any action against the dealer Anisuzzaman as he managed them in exchange of bribe, local say.

It is not 


and should 

not be tolerated any more

The government expressed its firm determination to reach fertiliser, seed and electricity to the doorsteps of the grassroots farmers. The agricultural incentives will help boost Aush paddy production as the country’s total production will be enhanced while the government has attached highest priority to the agriculture sector. The Aush farming is very much cost effective as it requires less production cost and faces less natural calamity. It has been giving satisfactory yield with scanty rainfall and limited irrigation during the Aush season in the area.

The beneficiary farmers are being given five kilograms of high yielding seed, 20 kilograms of diammonium phosphate (DAP) and 10 kilograms of muriate of potash (MOP) fertilizers for Aush paddy cultivation on one bigha of land each under the government’s agricultural incentive program. But the fact is that the real farmers are being deprived of getting the incentives due only to a section of corrupt people’s unholy nexus to loot public exchequers.

It is not acceptable and should not be tolerated any more.  Therefore, stern punitive action will have to be taken immediately against the syndicate of corrupt officials, public representatives and fertiliser dealers who are involved in such heinous corruption.  

Under the situation, some of the traders are also trying to manipulate the fertiliser price separately in some areas. In many areas, the farmers have started transplanting Aush paddy and the advanced varieties in particular. Therefore, we think the government must ensure that the only real marginal farmers will get its incentives.