Miscreants remove bar post from roads

Published : 24 Feb 2021 09:12 PM

Just within three months of setting-up of iron bar posts on roads to control movement of heavy vehicles through the roads and to save the roads from being damaged, miscreants have removed those bar posts to ply heavy vehicles though those roads. 

It is learnt, Ishwardi Upazila Engineer office has set-up five bar posts made of iron pipes on the middle of the roads of Charruppur Zigatola of Paksey Union, School More, Luxmikunda, Pakuria MP More, Bilkeda and Sahapur Babuchora road during November last year. 

After the setting up of the bars, the movement of heavy vehicles including sand, brick and stone laden trucks and tractors was stopped. However, within three-months, miscreants and influential quarters of the area have removed those bars and now heavy vehicles are continously running through the roads and thus damaging the roads. 

Ishwardi Upazila Engineer office sources informed there are 51 brickfields in various places of Luxmikunda union. Heavy trucks regularly move with 30 to 35 tonnes of sand, soil and bricks through the roads.

Enamul Kabir, Upazila Engineer of Ishwardi informed the roads of the union have been constructed with the bearing-capacity of vehicles carrying 17 tonnes of goods. Nevertheless, the truck regularly ply with goods the double of the capacity of the road. 

He further mentioned, in consultation with the local people and local Union Chairman, those bar posts were set up on the roads to control movement of heavy vehicles through the roads but some vested quarters have removed those bar posts at the darkness of night.