Mirzaganj people suffer for dilapidated road

Published : 18 Sep 2021 08:56 PM

Large potholes and ditches have been created on a road in Mirzaganj, Patuakhali. The road has become dangerous for vehicles to move. Such is the condition of Munsirhat Bazar road from ShauljaliaEidgah ground adjacent to New Market Bazar of Madhabkhali Union of 

the upazila. About two kilometers of the road has become impassable in the area.

Locals of Mirzaganj upazila said that two kilometers of the road adjacent to SrimantaRiver has turned into ditches and pits. This is the only road leading to Vikakhali Bazar in the northern part of Mirzaganj Union through Munsirhat Bazar of Madhabkhali Union. People in at least 10 villages have suffered due to lack of reforms.

Abdus Salam Sikder, a former UP member and a local resident, complained that the brick laden 

road was constructed about 18 years ago. No reforms have been made since then. 

Due to this, the road has become dangerous for the movement of vehicles. If someone suddenly falls ill, he has to suffer to be taken to the hospital by this dilapidated road.

Munsirhat Bazar Committee president and businessman Nannu Talukder said, "The condition of the road is very bad. 

The traders in the market have to bring the necessary items to the shops with double the rent via the alternative route.”

Auto-rickshaw driver Kabir Mia said, "If you take a rickshaw on this road, you have to push someone from behind." The car tilted to one side on the broken road. Accidents often happen when a car overturns in a ditch. Often the wheels of the rickshaw go off.’

Mirzaganj Upazila Engineer Azim-ur-Rashid of the Local Government Engineering Depart­ment (LGED) said, ‘The road estimate is in the final stages of preparation. The road will be renovated soon after completing other activities including tenders.’