Mirsharai mayor convenes press briefing to reply to allegations

Published : 25 Jan 2023 08:48 PM

The mayor of Mirsharai Baryahat Municipality claimed that he has taken one important initiative after another in the public interest since taking charge of the municipality as the mayor. Which has not been presented positively but has been presented negatively through various media including mass media.

Municipal Mayor Rezaul Karim Khokon made such a claim at the official press conference organized at the municipal hall on Wednesday (January 25) at 12 clock.

He said that until now, various types of vehicles including buses, microbuses, Lagunas, pickups were parked everywhere in the municipal area. Recently he has taken the initiative to set up separate terminals for these vehicles. Which is completely in public interest.

He mentioned that since the municipality has no land of its own for the terminal, it is being done on the abandoned land left by the government. Negative news was published against me in a media about this too.

Referring to a recent incident, Mayor Rejau Karim Khokon said, ÔUntil now, various types of markets, starting from fruit shops, occupied the sidewalks of the Baryahat municipal market.

We now have no plans to remove them from the pavement and rehabilitate them away from the highway. Which is decided in the form of a resolution in the municipal meeting. The mayor claimed, ÔA mass media is spreading false propaganda against me on this issue as well. I think that does not fall into responsible journalism.Õ Meanwhile, the mayor asked for the cooperation of local media workers to stop the misinformation of the work undertaken by the municipality in the public interest.

Bariyahat Municipal Executive Officer Samar Kanti Chakma and Chief Municipal Officer Samar Majumdar were present at the press conference among others.