Minority leaders meet Hifazat-e-Islam Bangladesh Amir

Hope for communal harmony

For the first time, leaders of the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian community in Chattogram have met with the Hathazari-based Islamic religious leader - Maulana Shah Ahamed Shafi Amir of Hefazat- E- Islami. On Monday evening, a four member delegation, led by the minority leaders’ platform known as the Unity Council General Secretary Rana Dasgupta, met with the Veteran Islamist leader at Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam Madrasa in Hathazari of Chattogram, also known as Hathazari Madrasa. Hifazat-e-Islam Bangladesh is an Islamist Advocacy group of madrassah teachers and students. About the meeting Rana Das Gupto told The Bangladesh Post, “We went there to thank Hefazat – E- Islam for their recent role in maintaining religious harmony following violence in Bhola.”

“Some people tried to vandalize home, properties and religious places in Hathazari and another places of the country targeting Hindu community. However, thankfully the son of Shah Ahamed Shafi, and leaders and workers of Hefazat remained active on many spots to prevent any unwanted situations, he added.  The Unity leaders were in Hathazari Madrasa for 40 minutes and got warm receptions by students and teachers of the Madrasa, the biggest Islamic academy in the country.  “They received us cordially and this is a positive sign to maintain good relation among religious community in future. We expect their role to save minorities,” said Rana Das, adding, “The role of majorities is important to protect minorities, only governments and administration cannot maintain the communal harmony.”   Rana Das Gupta said that the recent activities of Hefazat-e-Islami especially tense situation among religious communities in Bhola are praiseworthy and our visit was focused on thanking them. “We also sought blessings of the Guru (Allama Shafi) so that harmony in the country can be maintained.