Mim thralls viewers as Mandira in ‘Manush’

Published : 27 Nov 2023 09:01 PM

The film 'Manush,' featuring popular Bangladeshi actress Bidya Sinha Mim and helmed by Bangladeshi director Sanjay Samaddar, has witnessed its release in Kolkata. Sharing the screen with Mim is popular Indian Bengali actor Jeet. The film has garnered a positive response from viewers.

Beyond its overall acclaim, Mim's exceptional portrayal of Mandira in the movie has left a lasting impression on the audience. Numerous Kolkata-based television channels, print media, and online platforms are lauding Mim's performance in 'Manush.' Viewers of the film are unanimous in their praise for Mim's acting prowess, with Jeet's performance also earning commendation. Although Mim couldn't be present in Kolkata during the film's release, her fan base, particularly on social media, is showering her with appreciation.

Mim expressed her feelings, “Sanjay Samaddar, known for producing remarkable tele-dramas in Bangladesh, has garnered praise and awards for his talent. His directorial venture 'Manush' has generated excitement among the Kolkata audience, and it's something we take pride in. I was optimistic that the audience would watch this movie with great interest.”

She continued, “The viewership has surged in the past few days, and I believe it will continue to grow. The captivating story and the collective performances have proven compelling for the audience. I have put in a lot of effort into my role, and I'm seeing the results. Hopefully, the audience will remain impressed throughout the week. As an artist, this is where I find satisfaction."

Mim is currently busy in the dubbing process for the government-grant (2018-2019) film 'Digante Phuler Agun', directed by Waheed Tareq. In this film, Mim portrays the character of Panna Kaiser, the wife of Shahidullah Kaiser and the mother of popular actress Shomi Kaiser. Following the dubbing process, the movie is anticipated to hit screens early next year.

Last year, the film 'Poran,' directed by Raihan Rafi and featuring Mim, resonated strongly with audiences. Her performance garnered praise from viewers, and veteran actress Suborna Mustafa also commended her acting skills.

Subsequently, Mim's role in the movie 'Damal,' directed by the same filmmaker, also received acclaim.