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Mim’s new film ‘Pothe Holo Dekha’

Published : 23 Nov 2021 09:15 PM | Updated : 24 Nov 2021 10:56 AM

Lux Channel I Superstar Bidya Sinha Saha Mim recently got engaged on her birthday (November 10) with her long time partner, Soni Poddar.

After that she was busy with Dipankar Dipon’s upcoming film titled 'Antarjal'. Recently she gave good news about signing a new contract for a romantic film titled 'Pothe Holo Dekha'. The story and screenplay of Zakaria Shaukhin the film will be directed by Abu Raihan Jewel. Who is waiting for his upcoming film titled 'Adventure of Sundarbans'. 

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Regarding the context the director of the film said, 'This is a love story and I got the heroine for my film, now I am looking for the hero and I want a character artiste for the role. If the schedule does not match with familiar faces then I will take someone new. But the characters of heroes and heroines are very important in this film.'

In the film 'Pothe Holo Dekha' Mim will be seen playing the character of “Prarthona”. The character is also great and the shooting of the film will start in February next year under the banner of production company Master Communication. The film will be shot in Dhaka, Bandarban, Sylhet, Pabna, Panchagarh and Thakurgaon. The producer further said that besides the city, shooting will also take place in some remote areas like Thanchi in Bandarban.

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