Mim, Razz watches ‘Poran’ with elderly person wearing ‘lungi’

Published : 05 Aug 2022 09:16 PM | Updated : 05 Aug 2022 09:16 PM

‘Poran’ lead actors Bidya Sinha Saha, Mim Sariful Razz shared posts on their respective Facebook profiles expressing their desire to watch the film with the elderly person who was denied ticket at Star Cineplex’s Sony Square branch at Mirpur for wearing ‘lungi’.

Both the lead actors watched the film with Saman Ali Sarkar, the elderly gentleman who was allegedly not allowed to buy tickets to "Poran" because he wore a lungi, watched the film with his entire family, on Thursday Aug 4.

Earlier on Wednesday, Mim shared a post on her social handle,“Can anyone find this elderly father? Please mange his phone number or address and inbox it only. I will watch the film with him and chat like father-daughter. He will watch the film with our Poran team wearing lungi”.

Sariful Razz also shared a similar post on his Facebook in search of the unidentified man expressing his dismay. The incident of an elderly person with grey beard wearing lungi denied entry to Star Cineplex’s Sony Square branch at Mirpur for his informal attire has created quite a stir among netizens after it was shared on social media on Wednesday.

The film fraternity widely criticised the approach of the authorities as a staff at the counter denied to sell him a ticket to watch recently released film Poran directed by Raihan Rafi.

 However, the Star Cineplex authorities apologised for the incident and called it result of an unfortunate misunderstanding.

“We would like to clarify Star Cineplex does not discriminate against customers based on anything, least of all a person’s attire. No such policies exist at our organisation that would deny a person the right to purchase a ticket because of them choosing to wear a lungi. We want to emphasise everyone is welcome to experience their favourite movies at our cinema halls,” they wrote in their Facebook page on Thursday.

The Star Cineplex authorities also invited the elderly person and his family at their Sony Square branch to watch ‘Poran’.

Besides, they said they are investigating this incident and promised to ensure no such misunderstandings take place in the future.