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Milu’s song ‘Amar Bangladesh’ in the month of victory

Published : 09 Dec 2021 08:40 PM | Updated : 11 Dec 2021 07:14 PM

After a huge popularity of Mosharraf Milu’s debut song titled ‘Bristy Keno Hoi' has become very popular among music lovers. This time the singer is bringing a patriotic song titled 'Amar Bangladesh' in the month of victory. This will be his second basic song for the audience.

In December, the month of victory, his own song for the country will come to the light. Therefore, there is a lot of excitement of the artist. Artist Mosharraf Milu has already completed all the arrangements for the song from the place of love for the country.

Though he is a government official by profession, Milu is very passionate to music from childhood to adolescence. For that reason, whenever the opportunity arises, the artist sings songs to keep the entity alive.

Mosharraf Milu himself is the lyricist, tuner & artist of the song recorded at Heart Tune Studio where Mintu Chowdhury is the music arranger, directed by Habibur Rahman.

Regarding the context Mosharraf Milu said, ‘Music is my passion, it is not for commercial purposes, but to give time behind the song from a place that feels good. I do not know how much I can satisfy the audience, but I am trying to give as good a gift as possible’.

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About the song ‘Amar Bangladesh’ he further said, we got independent territory this December by defeating the invading forces. Therefore, December is a happy month for all Bengalis. In this month of victory, I feel differently satisfied to be able to sing my own basic songs for the country. Singing of the country from the place of one's responsibility towards the country. We hope that the song "Amar Bangladesh" will add a different dimension of joy to the listeners.

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