Milon directing three dramas for this Eid

As an actor of a multidimensional character, Anisur Rahman  Milon has already shown his talent in acting since long. That’s why viewers have a kind of confidence in his acting. Milon has been listening to praise for his acting in various dramas on social media. 

The actor, who is newly inspired by the love of the audience, is going to direct three dramas for Eid-ul-Fitr other than acting. The three Dramas are ‘Munira Manzil’ (written by Ejaz Munna), ‘Ghaliber Gappo’ (written by Masum Shahriar) and ‘Dui Moznu’ (written by Zakir Hossain Ujjwal). Munira Mithu will act in the title role in ‘Munira Manzil’. Shabnam Faria will be in ‘Ghaliber Gappo’ and Zahid Hasan is going to be one of the Moznu’s in ‘Dui Moznu’. The three dramas will be aired on ATN Bangla, Boishakhi TV and RTV respectively. 

Last year, Anisur Rahman Milon directed the drama ‘Abba Ukil Dakbo’. 

Anisur Rahman Milon said, “Honestly, I have had to act in some dramas for the last few days. I had to work even though I didn’t like the story or the character very much. But I couldn’t relax at all because of Corona, it can be said that for about four months I had the opportunity to think. With that in mind, I am going to make dramas considering the likes of the viewers with three good stories in the interest of the channels. From the point of view of my faith, I am saying that the story of each drama is beautiful and I am going to make three dramas as I like. And the matter of choosing the artistes of each drama has been finalised by me. It is only because of the interest of the channel that I have acted in every drama.”