Milestone College has pass rate of 99.82% and 1250 students have secured GPA-5

Published : 28 Nov 2022 03:58 PM

This year, a total of 1679 students participated in the SSC exam in Bengali medium and English version

from Milestone College and 1676 passed. Pass rate is 99.82% and 1250 students got GPA-5 among

passers. GPA-5 achievement rate is 74.58%.

A total of 1400 students appeared from science group and 1398 passed. Pass rate in science group is

99.86%. Among the passers, 1203 secured GPA-5. GPA-5 achievement rate is 86.05%. On the other

hand, 279 students participated in the examination from Business studies group and 278 students passed.

The pass rate in Business studies group is 99.64% and 47 students obtained GPA-5 from Business studies group.

It should be mentioned here that Milestone College located in Uttara Model Town of the capital is one of

the best educational institutions in the country. Since its inception, the institute has been consistently

achieving best results in every examination including SSC, HSC. About regular success in SSC result,

Principal of Milestone College Professor Md. Shahidul Islam said, our students who are conscious and

diligent about class education throughout the year are the real determinants of good results as expected.

Here, as the teachers are sincere in teaching, the role of parents is also important and supportive.

According to Principal Professor Md. Shahidul Islam, The good result of Milestone College is the result

of all the efforts of the teachers, students and parents so he expressed his sincere thanks to all and hoped for better results in the future.