Migrant workers may face Covid challenges yet again

Foreign missions should play a proactive role

Published : 13 Jan 2022 08:44 PM

Coronavirus pandemic has grappled the world with its vicious arms and is affecting every sphere of life. From people’s lives to their livelihood, it has wreaked havoc everywhere. It is feared that the increasing cases of Omicron across the world would put the lives of the country’s migrant workers in uncertainty again.

Many migrant workers had to suffer and cancel flights last year due to delay in getting vaccines when Covid cases were on the rise. Coordination among agencies and ministries should be strengthened. Foreign missions should also play a proactive role regarding the conditions imposed on our migrant workers. 

Authorities concerned should devise holistic

measures to provide constant support to 

the returnees

As Omicron cases are increasing across the world including Bangladesh, many countries will now impose some tougher restrictions. Last year when migrant workers started going back to their workplaces, they had to face many obstacles to fulfil the conditions imposed by the foreign countries.

Projects should be implemented for counselling of migrant workers.More initiatives should be taken for the expatriates, including training and counselling. Not just the government but non-governmental organisations should also come forward and work together prioritizing the overall welfare of the expatriates.

The migrants are currently under tremendous mental pressure without any regular income. We hope that the authorities concerned would devise holistic measures to provide constant support to the returnees.