Midfielder Pe possesses threat

Laos is playing great football since the beginning of the Bangamata U-19 Women’s International Gold Cup. Laos midfielder Pe is leading her team from the front. With eight goals in three matches she is the leading goal scorer of the tourney. She is definitely the main obstacle ahead of Bangladesh winning the title today. However, Bangladesh coach Golam Rabbani Chhoton has made special plans to neutralize her. 

Not only Pe their entire squad is playing well so far. 

Therefore, a collective effort is needed to keep the whole Laos team away from Bangladesh’s goal. At yesterday’s press conference Choton said, “Laos has no weaknesses. They're good in all departments. They have some talented players. 

There will be a separate plan for them. Not only Pe, their captain Apasala and Number 16 Saysamoni is also a good player. We will have different plans for all of them.”

How strong Laos might be, coach Choton sees his team even better than Laos. “Our girls will prove that they are too good for Laos. In all the matches, girls played football in the same attacking fashion. From the first minute to last we played in the same manner. We'll be in our game. But of course, we have some different plans.”

Laos scored 18 goals in their three matches, with conceding just 1. On the other hand, Bangladesh have scored 7 goals in three matches. 

The difference between them was finishing.