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Metro popularity peaks

Published : 27 Jan 2024 10:21 PM | Updated : 28 Jan 2024 02:22 PM

Following the dawn to dusk operation of metro rail, an opposite scenario is now prevailing on Mirpur to Motijheel route. 

As the metro rail offers a convenient journey without any traffic congestion, its popularity among the commuters is now on the top. 

In the last five days, commuters submitted almost 40000 applications to get the Rapid Card, according to Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL). 

Following the passengers’ pressure, the authorities concerned are thinking of reducing the time between the movement of metro trains also. 

DMTCL deputy project director Nazmul Islam Bhuiyan told Bangladesh Post, “Since the beginning of day-night operation on Uttara to Motijheel route, around 2.50 lakh passengers are travelling daily through metro rail. The number of passengers is  likely to increase more in the coming days.” 

DMTCL managing director MAN Siddique told the media, “In the last five days, about 40,000 passengers have bought our MRT passes. Efforts are underway to reduce the time between our metro trains to reduce congestion. Which is planned to leave every six to seven minutes. Apart from this, there is no plan of increasing the coach (compartment) for the time being.”

According to DMTCL, at present, the metro rail is traveling 150 times a day and now the metro train is running every 10 minutes. If the wait time is reduced it will travel 170 to 180 times. 

This will reduce the suffering of metro rail passengers. Besides, each coach has the capacity to carry 2308 passengers. Compared to that, passengers are going from 1,800 to 2,000. Each coach has four gates, but passengers board through two gates. People haven't gotten used to it yet. This leaves space for carrying more than 2000 passengers per coach.

On the other hand, according to the information of the bus owners, the number of passengers in buses in Mirpur area has decreased by 30 percent. The average daily income per bus has decreased by Tk 1500. Pathao, Uber and various ride-sharing vehicles, motorcycles are also witnessing less passengers. 

According to a study by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), 59.4 percent of Metrorail passengers used to ride buses before. 

The civil engineering department of BUET conducted a survey on passengers from July 14 to September 14.

In the beginning, metro trains operated only 4 hours a day in this section. Most of the passengers were tourists. 

On November 4, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Agargaon to Motijheel section. In the first 2.5 months, trains are running four hours a day in this section as well. 

However, 14 hours running services since last Saturday. The metro rail is overcrowded during office hours and holidays. Last Saturday 2.35 lakh, Sunday 2.50 lakh and Monday 2.40 lakh passengers travelled through metro rail.

Maharaj Hossain, the joint convener of Mirpur Area Bus Owners' Association said that more than 600 buses were running on 30 routes from Mirpur. Passengers on buses from Mirpur to Motijheel and Gulistan routes have decreased by 30 percent since last Saturday.

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