Messy city waste disposal with modern tech soon

Reinforce sustainability in waste management

Published : 26 Nov 2021 09:47 PM

It is good news that the two City Corporations in Dhaka are trying to enhance their waste management capabilities using modern equipment. Reportedly, the two bodies are working to restore order in waste management by constructing Secondary Transfer Stations (STS) and undertaking new projects. 

One does not need to be an expert to understand Dhaka’s poor waste management system that has been deteriorating the environment of this teeming capital over the years. Dhaka’s waste management system has seen no remarkable improvement over the past years. With increasing rate of population the waste generation rate of the capital is also increasing at a startling rate. In order to deal with the increasing waste generation rate, a strategic, holistic and sustainable waste management practice should be reinforced imminently.

In order to deal with the increasing waste generation rate, 

a strategic, holistic and sustainable waste management 

practice should be reinforced imminently

According to media reports, every day Dhaka generates seven thousand metric tonnes of waste, of which around 50-60 per cent is gathered in selected waste disposal sites. Roughly, 20 per cent is collected and recycled and the rest remains uncollected and scattered on the roads or heaped in the drains hindering the total drainage system. Such a poor waste management system is putting public health in jeopardy while causing air pollution, water pollution and environmental degradation.

Experts are of the views that lack of awareness among people, lack of financial resources, rapid growth of industries, inadequate trained manpower, lack of technical support are the major constraints of waste management of the metropolis. 

The government should take necessary steps to reform the entire waste disposal, waste treatment and waste management system of Dhaka. To this end, a legal and strategic framework based on a new and reinvigorated perception of the present environmental situation of Dhaka needs to be developed. We must find alternatives to open dumping with environment-friendly options and waste recycling should be considered as a treatment option prior to disposal. In this regard, we have to develop new and efficient scientific ways for recycling of waste. 

Also, there is the need for creating consciousness amongst city dwellers to develop a well-organized practice of waste disposal through media demonstrations and campaigning programme.