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Messy city waste disposal with modern tech soon

Published : 25 Nov 2021 10:41 PM

Despite many development initiatives in the city, the daily waste management seems to be in a shambles, most city dwellers allege.

Nevertheless, waste management is being modernized with the help of advanced technology already in use in many aspects of improving waste management in the city.

According to the city corporation officials, they are trying to speed up the process of waste disposal with the use of modern equipment. The two bodies are working to restore order in waste management by constructing Secondary Transfer Stations (STS) and undertaking new projects. 

The Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) and South City Corporation (DSCC) generate about 2400-2700 tons and 2500-3000 tons of waste per day respectively. The two city corporations are continuing their efforts to build a sustainable waste management system as soon as possible and have taken the initiative as a priority. However, the capital is yet to benefit from an advanced waste management system. 

Recently, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam said that the system of removing waste by keeping it in open space has been abolished. 57 Secondary Transfer Stations (STS) have been constructed at different areas of the city. Five STSs have been constructed in the last one year and two are currently under construction.

S M Sharif-Ul Islam, DNCC Chief Waste Management Officer told this correspondent that previously waste was transported by open trucks. However, that is not the case anymore. 

“At present, the company has 24 compactors, 34 container carriers and 17 dump trucks involved in waste management system. There are plans to purchase 11 more eco-friendly compactors and two backhoe loaders,” he said.

DNCC officials informed that two mechanical jets have been purchased to clean the closed drains of the city. DNCC has nine state-of-the-art road sweepers for sweeping the road mechanically and three new road sweepers are in plans to be added to the list. In addition, two water spray cannons have been purchased to prevent air pollution as well.

Last year, around 84 percent waste collected from the 54 wards of North Dhaka has been transported and dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner, officials further informed.

The DSCC on the other hand, has also taken various initiatives to modernize waste management. The ward-based waste transfer center is under construction. So far, the construction of 42 interim waste disposal centers has been completed. It has been set as a target to build waste transfer centers in 75 wards by this year. 

After the recent inauguration of the Interim Waste Transfer Center, DSCC Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh said that after 2022, there will be no more waste in the open spaces of Dhaka. 

“We have undertaken the construction of one ward-based interim waste transfer center. Work is in progress for these in all the 75 wards,” he said.

In the first 10 months of this year, about 75,000 tons of various types of wastes have been removed from the canals under the overall supervision of the Waste Management Department of Dhaka North City Corporation, DNCC Public Relations Officer, Abul Basar Muhammad Tajul Islam told Bangladesh Post.

Around 75,000 tonnes of floating waste and another 10,000 tonnes of sludge had been removed from the canals during this period to increase navigability. Now the water flow of these canals is properly active.

Experts believe that proper waste management should be one of the city’s key factors of consideration.

“This is one of the major factors that differentiate our city from the developed ones. Initiatives are being adopted, however, proper and timely implementation is important,” said veteran city planner Iqbal Habib while talking to this correspondent.

He added that there is always an increase in such waste seasonally because the people are fruit-loving people. However, the ones who enjoy also need to responsibly deal with the waste.