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Messi’s retirement not a numbers game

Published : 28 Mar 2024 09:13 PM

Lionel Messi, the maestro from Argentina, has made it clear that the ticking clock won’t be the referee when it comes to deciding his retirement. Despite nearing the 37-year mark, Messi is more focused on his performance and passion for the game than the date on his birth certificate.

After a legendary 17-year stint with Barcelona and subsequent plays for Paris Saint Germain and Inter Miami, Messi is still in the game, not ready to call it quits based on age alone. "The moment I sense I'm not up to the mark, not relishing the game, or not aiding my teammates, that's when I'll consider retiring," Messi shared on the Big Time podcast.

He's his own toughest critic, constantly evaluating his form on the field. "Age won't be the deciding factor. If I'm feeling fit and still have the fire, I'll keep competing," he affirmed. When probed about post-retirement plans, the eight-time Ballon d'Or champion played it coy, admitting he hasn't yet charted that course. "I'm living in the now, savoring each play and not dwelling on the future," Messi stated.

He's keen to continue playing as long as the joy is there. And when the final whistle does blow, he trusts he'll find a new passion to pursue.

Recently, Messi sat out of Argentina's friendly matches against El Salvador and Costa Rica due to a hamstring hiccup, but it seems he's eager to bounce back and keep the ball rolling.