Merit evaluation, scholarship exam cancelled in Sarishabari

Published : 03 Dec 2023 09:46 PM | Updated : 04 Dec 2023 12:13 PM

Sarishabari Upazila Kindergarten Association has been conducting merit evaluation and scholarship examinations since 2008. As part of this annual tradition, the exams were scheduled to be held this year in two high schools on Friday. A total of 1,360 students from 41 kindergartens of the upazila were participating in the examinations at Salema Khatun Girls’ High School and Boira Israel Ahmed High School in Pogaldigha Union.

The exams commenced at 10 am, but during the process, UNO Sharmin Akhtar, through the deputy commissioner (DC) directed the head teachers of the two schools to vacate the premises. This unexpected intervention disrupted the examination proceedings.

Addressing the situation, Sheikh Mahmud, the headmaster of Boira Israel Ahmed High School, stated, “I stopped the examination on the order of UNO sir.”

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In response, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sharmin Akhter explained, “We do not have any regulations to conduct the exams in the manner they were doing, which was under their own management. There is no established rule for such examinations without proper permission. After discussing the matter with the DC sir, the examination was halted based on his directives.”

Several teachers from the Sarishabari Kindergarten Association expressed their disappointment, noting that similar examinations were being conducted nationwide in Madarganj, Melandah, Jamalpur Sadar, and the nearby Dhanbari upazila of Jamalpur district. The untimely closure of the Sarishabari exams has raised concerns about hindering the intellectual development of young students.

Deputy Commissioner Shafiur Rahman emphasized that the Kindergarten Association had not obtained approval for the examination. He received a complaint on his mobile in the morning, questioning the legitimacy of the exam. Additionally, the board lacked permission for the examination, leading to the abrupt halt in response to the complaint.

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