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Mercedes-Benz GLB all set to make its world debut

Published : 09 Jun 2019 08:18 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:54 PM

Mercedes-Benz has dropped a teaser of its upcoming GLB and it's all set to make it's world debut on June 10, 2019. The GLB, as the name suggests is based on the B-Class and is built on the MFA2 platform, which underpins the latter. It will be positioned between the GLA and the GLC models. Spy shots of the car give us a peek into what the GLB will look like and the teaser confirms much of these details. 

The size shows that the GLB is likely to be a 7 seater model and it's a far cry from being a baby G-Class as it was rumoured to be. The long hood, short overhangs, and the boxy rear end all point out to a GLB being a bigger SUV. The upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLB is expected to be a family car like the B-Class so expect a spacious five-seater cabin with a large boot space, possibly above 500 litres. It's said that Mercedes might even consider offering an optional third row in certain markets. In terms of design and styling for the cabin, we expect the GLB to take inspiration from the new-gen A-Class' cabin, which was revealed last year.

Engine options are still not confirmed but, we expect the Mercedes-Benz GLB to get the same engine options as the new A-Class. It could also get the new engines that have been developed in partnership with the Renault-Nissan alliance. The GLB is also expected to get a new electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, but can only confirm that when the SUV make its official debut.