Mentally challenged people’s suffering worst in Meherpur

MSM Hasnat Zaman Sayqut, Meherpur

The boundless, huge sky as the roof over their heads, having no food security, no proper clothing to wear and no scope for treatment, the mentally deranged people of Meherpur are the worst neglected for ages.  

Arbi Pagli is such a mentally challenged disabled. Arbi is not her real name. In fact, no one knows what her real name is. Local people call this mentally challenged girl by this name. She lives in a veranda of a market beside district Shilpakala Academy. Wearing an old, dirty cloth, she lives by eating whatever the local people let her to eat. 

Biju Pagol of court para wears the same look with the same fate. There are dozens of such mental patients moving around in various spots of Meherpur. 

Specially during this Corona virus pandemic, not only these mentally deranged people are being threatened with managing their food and clothing but their health security is at a high risk.  

These mentally perturbed people do not know what does health rules mean. They do not know that they need to wear masks or wash their hands to keep themselves safe. They do not have idea about the Coronavirus and no capacity to tackle if symptoms of Coronavirus are found among themselves. Under such global pandemic of Coronavirus, the heath of these people are at a stake. Conscious people of Meherpur have demanded rehabilitation of these helpless, mentally deranged people of the district. 

Mohammad Likhon, President of Meherpur district Chhatra League has been distributing food twice a day among mentally deranged people of Meherpur town. He said, these mentally deranged people live with utter misery by braving rain, sunshine and storm. Often they starve. He added, he felt pain by watching those mentally challenged people and that is why he took decision to supply food for those helpless people. Earlier, he used to distribute them food one time a day but now he distributes the food twice daily. He said, if Allah, the Great, favours him, he would build a shelter for those helpless people. He expressed his intention to help those mentally challenged people by living with them.  Dilara Jaman, Executive Editor of Help Foundation informed, Food, clothing, security and treatment are the rights as a man for the mentally challeged people. But, these people remained deprived of their rights in our society for a long time. These people should be rehabilitated systematically by the administration. 

Dr. Mohammad Monsur Alam Khan, Deputy Commissioner of Meherpur informed if such unidentified, refugeelike mentally challenged people are found, he would try to give them a better life through the department of Social Service.