Mental health in an unequal world

Reinforce mental health services by allocating adequate fund

Published : 09 Oct 2021 08:59 PM | Updated : 10 Oct 2021 05:21 PM

Today is World Mental Health Day.Every year World Mental Health Day is celebrated globally on October 10 as an opportunity to highlight international advocacy and efforts to reduce mental health stigma. However, this year’s theme is “Mental Health in an Unequal World,” aiming to address the deepening inequalities in our society.  

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant impact on the mental health of people around the world. People have been left devastated by the death of their loved ones, job losses and insecurity. This global rupture has also highlighted the stark inequalities in our society when it comes to accessing healthcare for mental health conditions. World Mental Health Day this year aims to address some of these issues affecting people across the planet.

Mental illness is a major health challenge in global context, and in Bangladesh it is yet to receive the mass attention as a public health crisis. Over the last years living standard of people in Bangladesh has improved a lot. The modern pattern of life has become more technology-based and stress in life has increased much more than any time in the past. 

There is a need to establish a common ground for the 

global and local communities so that they can 

address mental health issues prudently

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Consequently, mental health situation is worsening at an alarming rate. Experts assert that common mental health problems prevailing in our country during the pandemic are anxiety, depressive disorder, sleep disorder, acute stress, adjustment disorder etc. 

It is envisaged that mental health is going to be one of the major public health crises across the world in the coming days. Currently more than 450 million people globally are suffering from mental illness and mental health-related diseases. The number of mental health patients is on the rise in Bangladesh too. 

Given the impetus of the situation, we should work together to protect ourselves from mental health perils. Mental healthcare system in Bangladesh is facing miscellaneous problems including lack of public mental health facilities, scarcity of skilled workforce and inadequate financial resource allocation. 

Therefore, the government should look forward to reinforcing country’s mental health services by allocating adequate fund. Also, there is a need to establish a common ground for the global and local communities so that they can intervene into and address the mental health issues prudently.

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