Members place no-confidence against UP chairman

Published : 04 Mar 2021 09:06 PM

Nine members of Maria Union Parishad (UP) havesent a no-confidence proposal to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Rajshahi against UP Chairman Aslam Ali Askan on March-3. Of the nine members, six are ward members while three are female members from reserved seats of the union. 

In the no-confidence proposal, they complained of various irregularities, corruption and forgery committed by the UP chairman and appealed to the DC to take necessary action after investigating the irregularities. 

The signatories to the no-confidence proposal include -- Ashraful of ward-1, Abdus Salam of ward-3, Kalam of ward-4, Moazzem Hossain of ward-6, Abu Zafar of ward-7, Abdul Aziz Pramanik of ward-9, Marzina Begum of reserved seat member of ward 1,2,3, Poly Bibi of reserved seat member of ward 7,8,9 and Rebeka Bibi of ward 7,8,9. 

In the letter of complaint, the embers mentioned thatthe UP chairman along with UP member Hafizur Rahman is engaged in various irregularities, corruption and forgeries. By forging the signatures of the complainant members, the chairman has misappropriated money from various projects, they alleged. 

Moreover, the chairman realised money from the distressed people by offering them to issue Vulnerable Group Cards (VGD) and also misappropriated money of a 40-day programme and 46 months’honorarium allowance of the complainants. They also complained that the UP chairman misappropriated a huge sum of money allotted for making a shopping complex beside the UP building and Tk 2,00,000 from a brick-kiln owner. 

UP Chairman Aslam Ali Askan, however, refuted the allegations and said one Awami League leader took signatures of those members in a blank-paper and wrote a proposal of no-confidence against him. The members were unaware that their signatures will be used for writing no-confidence proposal against him. 

UP member Kalam termed the statement of the chairman false and said, they did not sign in any blank paper rather they put signatures on the no-confidence proposal.