Mehzabin stars in new TVC

Lux Superstar Mehazabien Chowdhury is television’s most popular actress. In terms of commercials she is well known as well. She regularly appears in television dramas and commercials. Mehezabien recently starred in a new advertisement. 

The actress took part in the shoot of a commercial for multinational company Real Estate in a five star hotel in the capital on 19th October. 

The shooting concluded on Sunday. The commercial was directed by Sonok Mitro. Lux Superstar Mim and actor Ferdous are also starring in the advertisement alongside Mehezabien. This is the first time that Mim and Mehezabien are working together. 

Mehezabien said, ‘The advertisement turned out very nicely. This is the first time all three of us will appear in a commercial together. It is based on a story so I hope everyone will like it. A lot of people worked very hard for this commercial. The audience will surely like it when the ad is broadcasted.’