Mehazabein, Nisho starrer web film ‘Redrum’

Published : 11 Feb 2022 09:02 PM

Popular actress of small screen Mehazabein Chowdhury making her OTT debut along with actor Afran Nisho through Chorki’s original web film titled ‘Redrum’, directed by Vicky Zahed.

The trailer of Vicky Zahed's new instalment dropped on Chorki's official Facebook page and YouTube channel on Thursday. Along with Nisho, Mehazabein the web film also features Manoj Pramanik, Nasir Uddin Khan, Sallha Khanam Nadia and Azizul Hakim and others.

The web film ‘Redrum’ is a classic murder-mystery crime thriller trailer portrays an expecting Mehazabein in a rather unconventional manner while Nisho is seen hunting down to solve a murder mystery as a CID officer. Alongside exceptional colour grading, the trailer is paced with bold dialogues, dark scenes, and a contradictory projection of red, the colour of love.

Being Vicky Zahed's first web film, the crime-thriller is backed by an amazing background score that radiates the essence of the cat-mouse chase game while giving goosebumps to its spectators.

Revolving around forensics, a dead body on a car bonnet and a pregnant woman running in the woods to save herself from a probable danger that is yet to be discovered by the viewers. The film is slated to release worldwide on Chorki on February 17.