Mega water project to boost crop yield

More sustainable irrigation methods needed to be incorporated

In a bid to make our agricultural sector more sustainable, the government has been undertaking lots of initiative and development projects. In that continuity, the government is now aiming for megaprojects where there is conservation of the river banks as well as building-integrated water control infrastructure.

According to a report published in this daily on Friday, a project is going to be implemented to rehabilitate Tangan Barrage, Buri Dam, and Bhulli Dam irrigation projects in Thakurgaon district. If it is implemented, not only irrigation projects will be rehabilitated but 6,000 hectares of land will also be brought under irrigation by constructing integrated water control structures.

Time has come to utilise underground 

canals for enhancing irrigation efficacy

These kinds of projects should be implemented all over the country. It will be a ground-breaking initiative for our irrigation sector as by constructing and rehabilitating the irrigation canals and constructing irrigation structures, it will be possible to increase the area of irrigation and the productivity including crop density by providing uninterrupted irrigation water.

Government can also promote the application of subsurface pipelines to farmers, as it is a proven means of ensuring irrigation productivity. Here, we need less water for irrigation as the degree of waste is less than the conventional open-drain irrigation method. The use of a subsurface pipeline can help to bring sustainability to these projects.

Irrigating water has a huge cost of production due to numerous reasons which are pushing farmers into a tough situation. So, little sophistication is needed to improve irrigation practice and obtain a pivotal economic impact on crop production. Therefore, the time has come to utilise underground canals to enhance irrigation efficacy.