Mega projects to bring about new economic boom

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Published : 22 Nov 2021 10:07 PM

Development projects undertaken by the incumbent government is helping the country become a developed nation. Bangladesh will enter a new era for accelerating economic development after 2022 as many mega projects may open during the time to ensure sustainable infrastructure development.

Economists said people will see a different Bangladesh from 2023 as three major development projects of the government including the Padma Bridge, Metrorail and Karnaphuli Tunnel will open. They expect these three projects will boost economy by adding a minimum two percent GDP more and create a large number of jobs.

These projects will raise productivity, boost overall exports, and ensure creation of jobs as well as economic development. Creating new jobs is important for raising productivity. Therefore, emphasis should be laid on providing proper technical training to workable unemployed youths to turn them into human resources.

These projects will raise productivity, boost 

overall exports, and ensure creation of jobs 

as well as economic development

Consumers will also get industrial raw materials, products and other daily necessities from Dhaka and the adjoining districts faster. The time saved will add value to our producers. There will be a spurt in the growth of MSMES in southern districts due to this bridge. If implemented properly, these signature projects will successfully address Bangladesh's infrastructure shortages, transport calamities, and power deficiencies in a sustainable manner.

The pace of implementation of various development projects has also increased. Adding to that Bangladesh's relationship with development partners is now better than ever. Due to these reasons, the disbursement of foreign loans and grants has been increasing day by day.

The government and regulatory bodies should also think of sustainable sources of boosting the economy with more money. This is because the government will face challenges after the next fiscal year as these types of funds and grants might not be available all the time.

These ground-breaking initiatives of the country, till date, are just the beginning of a journey, a journey which can shed more light on the track towards more affluence.