Mega project to develop haor infrastructure

Rapid implementation needed to make it a success

Published : 23 Nov 2021 09:37 PM | Updated : 23 Nov 2021 09:47 PM

As a part of the government’s ongoing development projects in various sectors, the government has undertaken a special project worth Tk 3,490 crore to develop rural infrastructure in wetland (Hoar) areas including building five elevated roads to ensure sustainable economic growth.

The project titled “Development of flyovers and physical infrastructure in haor area” has been proposed to the Planning Commission at the estimated cost of Tk 3,490 crore.

During the monsoon season, boats are the main means of transportation in haor areas. Due to such an underdeveloped communication system, production and transportation of agricultural products, development of rural infrastructure, creation of employment opportunities, availability of social facilities, especially education and health are being hampered.

The project will contribute to poverty 

alleviation by creating short and long-term 

employment opportunities for the rural poor

If the project is implemented, there will be coordination in agricultural production and marketing of agricultural products through development of an overall communication system in the haor areas. The development of physical infrastructure in the area will create opportunities for fast and easy transportation of goods, agricultural products, fisheries, and so on throughout the year. The project will contribute to poverty alleviation by creating short and long-term employment opportunities for the rural poor. The project has therefore been recommended for approval.

Socio-economic conditions of the people will increase as more people will get employed. The prices of vegetables and other raw materials coming from the Haor areas to the capital will also be on their way down because of the strong communication network.

Lack of monitoring, commitment and non compliance in these kinds of projects often occur. These are the key reasons for the slow pace of the projects, which later results in higher project costs. Therefore, to make this initiative a success, the government should make sure none of the carelessness mentioned above happens.  This initiative will show the importance of communication for the local and regional development of the Haor area. Mutual cooperation among the authorities concerned will, in the future necessitate persistence in the communication network of the Haor areas.