Mega project for farm modernisation

Swift implementation needed to boost the sector

The government has undertaken a special project worth Tk 3,020 crore in order to modernize the agriculture sector and to recover losses caused by corona pandemic. The project is due to be approved soon to promote farm mechanization.

The project will be a huge milestone in development of the agriculture sector as the farmers suffer from huge shortages of farm labourers during the harvesting seasons. 

Currently, the government is placing great emphasis on agricultural development as a tool to survive the economic downturn which is being feared in the future due to the coronavirus.

The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) is going to undertake a new project titled ‘mechanisation of agriculture work through integrated management’. The project is to be implemented in all upazilas in the country, ensuring coordinated development.

The authorities are hoping to boost crop production by making agriculture more commercially profitable and sustainable. The initiative is undoubtedly a timely one, as the country will likely face food shortages in the coming year due to coronavirus epidemic. 

If implemented effectively, the project will ensure 

food security for the entire country and help us 

overcome post-coronavirus economic downturn

If implemented effectively, the project will ensure food security for the entire country and help us overcome post-coronavirus economic downturn.

According to the project proposal, the Seventh Five-Year Plan focuses on activities related to expansion of modern agricultural technology, production of high value crops, increasing productivity through the use of agricultural machinery and increasing the real income of farming families.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bangladesh and all other countries in the world are facing an economic crisis. Major industries of the country have suffered huge losses and further losses are expected in the coming months. 

Therefore, putting strong emphasis on the agricultural sector is indeed a wise decision. The government has also allotted a large proportion of the budget to the sector to ensure food security for the country.

With proper implementation, the project will help the country overcome the hurdles during the coronavirus pandemic and come out victorious in the post-corona economy.