Medical students seek human skeletons available at fair price

Published : 09 Aug 2021 09:34 PM | Updated : 10 Aug 2021 12:38 AM

At the first-year of MBBS classes, demand for human skeletons for each student is felt greatly as it is an essential part of the curriculum in Anatomy subject for the first year and the second-year students. 

To study the compulsory subject, each student starts to procure a human skeleton as a part of their practical study. Since there is no legal procedure to preserve the human skeletons and there is no legal skeleton-market here in Bangladesh, the medical students find it difficult to procure a skeleton. 

Meanwhile, taking the opportunity of non-availability of the skeletons in the local market, a huge number of skeletons are smuggled into the country from India and those are being sold in the 'black markets' at an exorbitant price. The medical students in their first year of study were facing a dilemma in collecting money to purchase a skeleton in due time.

Ahsan Habib, a first year student of Rajshahi Medical College informed, he has been admitted to the college but could not attend the class regularly due to the present pandemic situation. 

He said, for the first year students use of human skeleton is a must for studying the subject of Anatomy. But, most of the students of the college find it difficult to manage a human skeleton for their studies in their first year and the second year classes. 

Due to non-availability of human skeletons in local markets, the students are forced to purchase those at an exorbitant price. 

Another student Farjana said the human skeletons for study should be made available at a fair price for the students of Medical College. There should be some special shops in the city to sell the human skeletons to medical students at a fair price.

Students and teachers of Rajshahi Medical College in this connection have demanded the government to find out any legal way to preserve human skeletons or to make human skeletons available in some local markets by importing those from abroad. 

They further informed, such an attempt of the government to make available human skeletons in some local markets will save hundreds of medical students from being harassed and the students will then be able to purchase human skeletons at a fixed or at the competitive price.