Medical errors kill people’

Wrong treatment at hospitals must stop

Published : 22 Feb 2024 10:14 PM | Updated : 22 Feb 2024 10:16 PM

We express deep concern about the death of patients caused by alleged ‘wrong treatment’ or ‘medical negligence’. Many patients have died due to either ‘wrong treatment’ or medical negligence’ across the country in the last few years, shattering people’s confidence in physicians.   

Ahnaf Tahmin Ayham, 10, a fourth-grader at Motijheel Ideal School and College, who was undergoing circumcision at JS Diagnostic Centre died on Tuesday. A medical establishment can only administer anaesthesia after it is approved by the authorities concerned as a hospital. 

But JS Diagnostic was only recognised as a diagnostic centre and not a hospital. Besides, earlier on January 8, a five-year-old child named Ayaan died after undergoing circumcision under full anaesthesia at the United Medical College Hospital in Satarkul, Dhaka.

Ayaan’s father Md Shamim Ahmed alleged that his son died due to negligent treatment while being kept on life support at United Hospital from December 31 to January 7. Apart from the two kids, a man named Raahib Reza died of cardiac arrest during an endoscopy procedure at Lab Aid Hospital at Dhanmondi, Dhaka on Monday. His family members allege that Raahib Reza was given anaesthesia without a prior examination of his test reports at Lab Aid Hospital. 

Family members claim that the endoscopy was conducted despite his existing physical complications, leading to a heart attack and his subsequent death. According to experts, why full anaesthesia was necessary for circumcision? Another boy had previously died due to similar reason.

Many patients have died due to

 either ‘wrong treatment’ or 

medical negligence’ across

 the country in the last few years

Such incidents of death caused by wrong treatment that happened at different hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres in the country are tragic. Some incidents also manifested that the physicians were responsible for neglect in treatment.  

We think a strong specific law and its implementation can save patients from deaths due to wrong treatment or shirking by nurses. The authorities concerned must take action against doctors and hospitals after through probe into wrong treatment and negligence. 

We see a mushroom growth of private clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres across the country. Of them, some provide good services while many others are unable to do that.

Besides, some do not have adequate medical equipment either. 

These hospitals and clinics are not registered with the government. Similar scenario has been prevailing at many private clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres since long.

Steps were taken earlier in this regard but a section of dishonest people in a nexus with local musclemen are still running clinics and diagnostic centers illegally. 

It is the responsibility of the health ministry to monitor whether the private hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern laboratory facilities and latest state of the sophisticated technologies as well. If they do not have capacity and lack modern laboratory facilities, why should they provide medical treatment to patient?

The authorities concerned must inquire as to why the private hospitals are providing wrong treatment to patients. Wrong diagnosis, faulty treatment and shortage of qualified physicians at private hospitals and clinics are also making many healthy people ill. Such deaths at private hospitals and clinics cannot be allowed to continue in the modern world.