MCCI gives police 50,000 surgical masks

Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI) provided 50,000 pieces of surgical masks for the police force as a token gesture acknowledging their noble work during the period of Corona virus pandemic across the country. 

The gift was handed over to the appropriate authority of the police force on Tuesday without any formality in compliance with the social distancing guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

On the same day, the Chamber also provided financial assistance to Sajida Foundation, one of the members of MCCI, to procure PPE and other related equipment in order to provide services to patients suffering from the novel coronavirus.

In a media release, sent by MCCI on Wednesday said , the novel coronavirus has led to a situation in the country that no one had any idea about before. The world is still familiarizing itself with the subject, and every day is turning out to be a new learning experience. Globally, the virus has already claimed over three hundred thousand precious lives. 

During this war against corona, the members of the Bangladesh Police Force are, as always, showing remarkable dedication and commitment in serving the people. As an important law enforcement agency, they have also been contributing towards maintaining law and order in the country. Starting from the liberation war, their contribution has been undeniable during every national crisis. 

At a time when we all are trying to protect ourselves from the novel coronavirus by staying home, the esteemed members of our police force are working on the ground to make people aware of the dangers of the virus and maintaining law and order in the country, all the while putting their lives at risk. The nation will always remember this contribution of the police force with gratitude and respect.

Like many other organizations, Sajida Foundation has been playing a lead role in this fight against the novel coronavirus. Many MCCI member organizations, including Sajida Foundation, are actively distributing food items, financial aid, hand wash, sanitizers and other aids.