Mazra infestation leaves Jashore farmers in distress

Published : 29 Sep 2021 09:12 PM | Updated : 04 Oct 2021 08:55 PM

Farmers in Chaugachha upazila of Jashore district have lost their way due to infestation of Mazra insects and root rot disease of paddy. Farmers complained that they did not get the Deputy Assistant Agricultural Officers to visit their field. 

As a result, farmers are applying pesticides on their own plan and on the advice of representatives of pesticide companies. However, the farmers are fearing failure as they did not get the desired result.

Masud Rana, a representative of a pesticide company, said on condition of anonymity. At present, yellow head, white head and black head are seen in the paddy fields. ‘

In such weather (excessively hot, less rain) no company's medicine works properly to kill the Complaints.

Rashedul Islam, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer,  Chaugachha  Upazila Agriculture Office, said, In the current Aman season, 11 unions of the upazila and 17 thousand 875 hectares of land in Chaugachha Upazila have been planted. Of these, 7,500 hectares are improved varieties of Arijed Gold. Dhani Gold 4,445 hectares, Ufsi Bri-87, 51, 49, 34, 80 varieties of paddy have been cultivated in 5,555 hectares of land. So that the potential production level has been estimated at about 77,725 metric tons.

Farmers Shri Bhadra Kumar Das and Shri Laba Das said that they are currently tending their fields in Tengarpur field of Swarupdah union of the upazila. Their own fields have been infested with Mazra insects and putrefaction diseases. No work is being done even with medicines. Both said that agricultural officials never came to the field. They are buying medicine from shopkeepers and giving it to the field, but it is not working. The people of the company said that the medicine is not working because of the high heat. 

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Roknuzzaman of Swarupadah village said that Mazra insects attacked his field. Due to low rainfall, Mazra insects and putrefaction diseases have occurred this year, he added. Roknuzzaman said he had never met agriculture officials so far this season. He met the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer once three years ago. '

The same picture has seen in the fields of different villages including Chandpara of Narayanpur Union, Dighalsingha of Chaugachha Sadar Union, Andarkota of Swarupdah Union, Fulsara of Fulsara Union, Singhajhuli of Singhajhuli Union, Majali, Jamalta.

The farmers of all the fields complained that even though the situation prevailed in the field, no one in the office was inquiring. As a result, they are fearing a crop failure this season. The farmers complained that the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer in charge could not be found in the field. From time to time they would come to the market and sit in the pesticide shop and go away after some small talks.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Samaren Biswas said that Mazra is an insect. If the branches of the tree are put in the field, the birds will flock in those branches and eat the insects.

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