Maternity hospital in Mirzaganj remains dormant

Published : 04 Sep 2021 08:39 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2021 08:40 PM

The only maternal and child hospital built in Deuli Subidkhali union of Mirzaganj upazila awaits to be fully operational for past three years. Though hospital buildings, necessary infrastructures have been built, absence of doctors, lack of medical equipment and employees are the reason that the hospital has not been operational yet.

Currently the hospital is being run only by a family planning inspector, a guard and a sweeper. However, the construction of the infrastructure of the 10-bed hospital was completed three years ago.Authorities did not appoint the required number of doctors, nurses, technicians and other officers-staff.

Meanwhile, a few years have passed and the people of the area including six unions of the upazila are being deprived of proper medical services as the medical activities have not started at the hospital.

It can be seen that the family planning inspector Shirin Akhter is currently working in the hospital. She said that there are only few people running this hospital and no security system is currently present. However, a night watchman and sweeper are working there.

Many locals including Shahidul Islam, Babul Munshi, Adnan Hossain Shaon Khan said that the government has built the maternal and child hospital to bring medical services to the doorsteps of the people. But the government's intentions are being thwarted. Although all the infrastructures including the building were inaugurated three years ago, there are no doctors, medical equipment and the required number of manpower. As a result, poor people are being deprived of medical services. 

This medical service facility, especially caesarean delivery facility is not available in the Upazila Health Complex. People have to go to the Patuakhali Medical College and Hospital, which is not possible for ordinary poor people. So, many of the patients die due to lack of emergency treatment. People in the area want the hospital to start full-fledged medical activities as soon as possible.

Mirzaganj Upazila Family Planning Officer Shafiqul Islam said that letters have been sent to the higher authorities several times in this regard.   Authorities are aware of the matter. According to the government rules, there is a rule to appoint a medical officer, technician and nurse in the mother and child welfare centre. 

This appointment is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Family Planning and the Office of the Director General of Health. 

He currently does not know the reason for not recruiting new people in the hospital. Authorities are looking into this matter and necessary steps will be taken, he assured.